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Conditional Warranty Limits

  1. We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused from installation, removal or use of this merchandise.
    We recommend the use of a licensed mechanic for the installation of major components.

  2. ENGINES are guaranteed to be in good operating condition with reasonable limits of specifications as stated by the seller: ie. oil pressure, compression and oil consumption. Only the crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under this guarantee. Accessories such as water pump and fuel pump, distributor, carburetor and exhaust manifold are left on for customer convenience only. Please check lubricant and coolant level before starting engine.

  3. STANDARD TRANSMISSIONS AND REAR-ENDS are guaranteed functional assemblies and not noisy. Gears are guaranteed at time of purchase. Cracked or broken teeth after sale are obvious abuse and will not be warranted. Please install new inspection gaskets before installation.

  4. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS are guaranteed functional assemblies. It is recommended that front end and rear seals and pan gasket be replaced prior to installation. Please ask about converter alignment damage to the front pump.

  5. OBVIOUS ABUSE, or operating the assembly when low on lubricant or coolant violates the warranty.

  6. ALL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL PARTS are guaranteed for the specified period of the seller.

  7. RADIATORS, HEATERS AND BATTERIES are guaranteed not to leak and to operate effectively for the specified guarantee period stated by the seller.

  8. NON-DEFECTIVE PARTS RETURNED are subject to acceptance by the seller, and if accepted are subject to a 20% handling charge. Labour charges and freight costs are not refundable. Body sections cut to order are non-returnable. Any returned part must be accompanied by a sales receipt.

  9. WARRANTY IS LIMITED to replacement, repair or refund at the option of the seller. No compensation for towing, labour, vehicle rental, accommodations, etc...

  10. WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER expense in removal or replacement of a non-functioning part.

  11. RETURNED PARTS must be in the same condition as when sold. WARRANTY IS VOID if part has been disassembled